About Sanctuary City Vancouver

As part of the growing Sanctuary and Solidarity City movements across North America/Turtle Island we seek to collaborate with communities and service providers in the Coast Salish Territories (Greater Vancouver) to create safer access to services for all people based on need rather than status.

Here are some things you can do to carry the movement:

    1. Share the Sanctuary City Principles  that we updated after our last community meeting. Please share these widely with your co-workers, your friends, and your extended networks.
    2. Hold your own meetings in the spaces where you are connected. Start conversations about the idea of Sanctuary City, build interest and commitment, and learn who you can work with to organize those around you.
    3. Ask your workplace, community or faith-based groups, and any service providers you know to endorse the principles and commit to working towards them. Endorsements can be sent to sanctuaryhealthvancouver@gmail.com.

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